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What services do Property Twins offer?

Property Twins are a mortgage broking business. We assist first home buyers, next home buyers and property investors with organising the loans for the properties. Our focus is structuring finance with a big picture focus to lay foundations for our clients’ long term financial success.

Does it matter where I'm located?

Property Twins are head quartered in Sydney, New South Wales but have clients all across Australia and Australian expat clients too.

Technology makes working with our clients a lot easier as we can conduct meetings via phone or Skype.

Why should I work with a mortgage broker over a bank?

A bank has a monotonous view of their own products.

As mortgage brokers, we work for the client and do not have a preference of lending institutions. Our focus is on getting you the most suitable structures and loan products to suit your goals and needs.

I already own a home, how can I start with property investment?

The best place to start is to book a complimentary half hour Strategy Session.

This will help us understand your situation and explain to you exactly what is possible in terms of property investment.

What does the Strategy Session involve?

The focus of the Strategy Session is for us to connect, regardless of whether you are buying your own home or want to build a property portfolio.

During your Strategy Session, we discuss your ‘why’ for property investing and ask what you expect property to do for you and your family (remember property is only a vehicle to a better financial future). We will also look to get an understanding of your financial situation and your goals.

We will look into what may really be possible for you with your resources and share information with you about how we can enable you to move forward with your financial goals.

You will leave the discussion with immediately actionable tips to help you maximise your current position.

** Any credit advice requires you to fill our Fact Find and receive our privacy & credit guides before we provide finance structuring and credit advice.

Is the Strategy Session free of cost and no-obligation?

The initial Strategy Session is complimentary and typically goes on for about 30 minutes, during which we will get an idea of your situation as well as your goals before giving you insights into directions you can take to grow your wealth.

The Strategy Session is a no-obligation chat to connect with you and if we are able to add any value to you going forward. You can Book a Strategy Session with the Property Twins team NOW

What is your best rate?

When it comes to taking out a loan, everyone is looking for the best deal.

As mortgage brokers, we work with a wide range of lenders with the focus of acquiring the most suitable value proposition for you.

This may not necessarily mean the lowest rate out there but will instead ensure you commit to a loan that helps you achieve your specific property goals.

How much do your services cost?

Typically, for lending arrangements, we are remunerated by the banks. Depending on the complexity of your situation, we may issue an upfront quote to you for a ‘fee for service’.

As mortgage brokers, the lenders require you to remain with the lender for up to 24 months for our commissions to be payable to us. We may issue our clients upfront quotes for lender claw backs. This is payable by the client in an event of a refinance occurring in less than 24 months.

How do you get paid for your mortgage broking services?

As mortgage brokers, we are remunerated by the banks and at this stage do not have charges for mortgage broking services. Where lender claw backs are involved, we will issue you with a quote with our compliance documentation. All commissions are disclosed to our clients before an application is lodged.

Do you disclose what you get paid as mortgage brokers?

When we work together, prior to the loan application you will receive our credit proposal document which will cover all our earnings.

Can you run property reports for us?

Our clients and their friends and family have access to free of charge* property reports

Do Property Twins provide tax advice?

Property Twins are not licensed to provide tax advice. We are not tax accountants.

Utilising correct finance structures can definitely help minimise taxes, however saving tax should never be the key driver for property investment decisions. We see tax as a cost of doing business and not as a sole reason for investing.

While we do not provide tax accounting services, we can put you in touch with our trusted network of tax professionals.

Are Property Twins Buyer’s Agents?

At this stage the Property Twins do not provide buyers agency services to our clients.

We are happy to put you in touch with our trusted network of buyer’s agents.

Are Property Twins property mentors?

At this stage Property Twins do not provide property mentoring services to our clients.

Where required, we can issue an independent quote to you for a set number of sessions to discuss property strategy and approach.

Due to the nature of credit advice being related to property strategy, this paid service is only available to our mortgage broking clients.

Can Property Twins offer me one on one strategy and property input?

Due to the nature of credit advice being related to property strategy, Property Twins offer this paid service only to our mortgage broking clients.

Due to our time limitations and the number of clients we work with, this service is capped to limited number of sessions per client. Enquire by sending us an email at info@propertytwins.com.au

Can I just call your team for a quick borrowing assessment?

We appreciate many of our clients are time poor professionals. However, it’s for your better financial future to provide us with a clear picture of your financial situation before we can provide you with a tailored solution to cater to your needs and goals.

The quality of input you provide us with in your fact find will enable us to provide you with a quality outcome.

We are looking to build long term trusted relationships with our clients to assist them through their financial journey over many years to come. Hence, we seek commitment from our clients to fill the fact find as a first step to begin engaging our services.

Download our Fact Find and request a Free Assessment

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