Learn how to grow your wealth through property

Property Investment Fundamentals
Email Course
by Property Twins

Get the lowdown on what Property Investing is and whether it is for you!

Who is this Property Investing course for?

If you are one of many who want to invest in property but don’t know where to get started, then this free course is for you.

If you have a fair idea on property investing but have also seen a lot of conflicting advice, then this free course is for you too.

This course will empower you to put your goals for financial empowerment into action.

You will receive a new lesson every couple of days but are free to follow the course in your own time.

No pressure, no complex formulas to learn - discovering how to build your property portfolio is easy!

Sana and Mona Ali

Based in Sydney, we arrived in Australia from Pakistan at the age of 15. After graduating from university, we became determined to create the best possible life for ourselves and our family.

Starting with very little in the bank at age 24, we were able to build a property portfolio worth an incredible $5 million dollars before our 30th birthdays.

Now we want to share our success with you!

The course you will receive is modeled on the steps we took to start and grow our property portfolio.

Our advice is clear, practical and designed for beginners as well as those who want the knowledge and confidence to build on their current investments.

We did it…. and so can you!

For a limited time only… The Property Twins property investing email course is ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Course Contents

  • LESSON 1 What property investment is and why it is for you
  • LESSON 2 Why you should invest in property to grow your wealth
  • LESSON 3 How property investment can fund your retirement
  • LESSON 4 How much of a deposit you really need
  • LESSON 5 What a property selection strategy looks like
  • LESSON 6 ​How to do a cash flow analysis
  • LESSON 7 Exactly how property investing works
  • LESSON 8 How to build your property investment team
  • LESSON 9 Extra tips for success
  • LESSON 10 Your next steps towards achieving your property portfolio goals

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