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Client Background: John and Tess are a young couple in their 30’s with two children. John works as an accountant.

Where they were: John & Tess had their home and an investment property. They had worked with a buyer’s agent for their first purchase. Their goal was to continue accumulating at least four investment properties. John wanted to learn and apply the Property Twins Framework as part of the Property Investors Academy and accumulate the properties himself.

John was already part of the Property Twins Client Family as a finance client and it was time to take charge and learn the ‘how to’ implement the property portfolio.

What was important to them:

  • Be able to spot property deals that will give them cash flow and capital growth
  • Be able to avoid expensive mistakes in property
  • Learn the ropes so they can rinse and repeat the process by putting their savings & equity to good use


Here is what they purchased as part of the Property Investors Academy REMOTELY

Property Type: 4-bedroom house
Purchase Price: $552,000
Rent: $455 per week
Rental Yield: 4.29%
Vacancy Rate (Current): 0.5%
Cashflow: Positive

Current Value: $700,000
Capital Growth: $148,000 in 12 months

Metro / Regional: Metro – 31.4 km / 34 minutes’ drive from the CBD
Renovation Required: No




Due Diligence Completed:

  • Leveraged qualitative & quantitative factors to determine location, type of property, cash flow and risk-based analysis to zero in on the right property.
  • Discarded lemon deals presenting hazards and high risk (avoiding key mistakes)
  • Determined comparable property values and purchased below market value by $48,000
  • Land banking exercise with the land zoned for future development.
  • This was the 2nd property John considered putting an offer on. This was because the Academy framework allowed him to discard all properties that didn’t offer value / were lemons and move on to properties that would serve them long term.

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