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Property Twins™ are Finance Strategists providing Finance Strategy and Lending Arrangements to Australian professionals. We have a ‘big picture’ focus to deliver tailored property finance solutions with a step by step strategy aligned with client goals to enable their real estate and financial success. Our clients are home buyers, owners and property investors looking to set up finance correctly right from the start. We work with clients all across Australia and with expats.


Property Accumulation Formula (PAF)

Property Accumulation Formula (PAF) is focused on correct finance set up to enable your existing finance set up is optimal and you open doors to a future home purchase or build an investment property portfolio.

You will have a step by step strategy in line with your resources which gives you a road map to implement your plans with a next home purchase or building an investment property portfolio.

It is a “GPS” to help our clients undertake that journey with our help – through forward thinking, mitigating risks and determining the possibilities for you – Upfront.

It takes the guessing work out of your next step and the one after that. That is why our clients are able to build the portfolios they are, rather than being stuck.

You will have a working document which can translate into you implementing your next steps based on the scenarios available to you

“Who it’s for:

– Existing home owners looking to buy their next home or investment properties and considering either option
– Property Investors (First time & existing)
– Existing home & investment property owners looking to structure finance correctly”

Lending Arrangements

Our team will help you implement the lending arrangements start to finish with research for optimal solutions, negotiating with lenders, preparing your application, lodgement and to settlement and beyond.

We will keep on top of your finance process with regular updates, keeping in touch with your solicitor and the lender to ensure a stress free and successful transaction Depending on your circumstances you may require to have a Property Accumulation Formula (PAF) completed before lending arrangements can take place. We like to ensure that you have the correct set up and you are taking informed decisions before moving on to complex strategies.

“Who it’s for:

– First / next home buyers
– Property Investors (First time & existing)
– Existing home & investment property owners lookig to structure finance correctly.



We work with both first and next home buyers.

We understand how important a home purchase is and you’ve put your years of savings into this.

“The focus is:
– You pay off your home sooner through effective structuring
– To correctly setup finance so you are able to invest further in the future”


If you are a first time property investor or already own an investment property, looking to invest further, we help working professionals like yourself with strucutred property finance.

Our investor clients are working professionals build multi property portfolios and purchase 2-5 properties over a 12 to 18 months of working with us.

This is where ‘Property Accumulation Formula’ is used to deliver a step-by-step strategy to our clients, whichs shows them a road map to build their property portfolios.

This is where we help you with a step by step strategy laid out upfront to accelerate your investment property portfolio.

Even if you are starting with just your home or an existing investment property, a tailored finance strategy will help you set up finance for a property portfolio.

As our client, having a road map from day one provides a clear understanding of your potential property portfolio success and helps you take the steps to reach your targets. We then handle the lending arrangements for your property portfolio from start to finish.


We understand that you may already own a home and / or a couple of properties and you might be wondering if you have the right finance set up Contrary to the market perception that low interest rates is what helps you pay off your home and build assets, it’s the right structuring which helps one do both.

Right structures help you:
– Set up so you can pay your home faster
– Maintain the tax effectiveness on your investment properties
– Allow you flexibility to tap into the equity
– Enable you to minimise risk
– Helps you open doors for future investment

Not having the right structures cause issues down the track when you could have paid off your home much sooner or invested in property while minimising risk.

Simply put, poor structures mean you pay less now and you pay more later.

This is where we help you with our credit advisory & strategy service under the Property Accumulation Formula (PAF), which helps you optimise the current structures and make way for future investment.



  • 10 Minute Finance Kickstart Call
  • In this call we will connect with you and find out what your goals are
  • We can determine if we are a good fit and we can help you


  • Uncovering Your Ultimate Financial Vision
  • We will catch up for a goals meeting to discuss your goals & details about your current finances
  • Depending on if you are a first home buyer or if you qualify to be a part of Property Accumulation Formula (PAF), we may require 1 to 2 of these meetings
  • The output from this stage will be a clear step by step strategy that you can implement with your home or investment property portfolio


  • Implementing Your Financial Vision With A Step By Step Strategy
  • Our team will then help you implement your plan with your home or investment property portfolio
  • We review the Fact Find form, research, assess borrowing capacity and catch up with you to run through recommended finance strategy, covering our findings on the most suitable approach and lender selection to meet client requirements
  • We prepare and lodge the loan application, and manage the end-to-end process, all the way through to settlement, taking the stress out of dealing with the banks


Having built our property portfolio from the ground up to a value over $5 million, we are excited to share our advice and enable others to achieve their financial goals
  • We listen to your needs and personal goals and genuinely want you to do well
  • We deliver tailored finance strategy to maximise opportunity
  • We have a strong risk management focus with forward thinking in line with our client goals
  • We keep a big picture focus with tax considerations from a finance perspective
  • We are selective about our lender recommendations based on the quality of service and products on offer
  • We save time poor professionals time and energy, by looking after lending arrangements, start to finish including research, recommendations, loan application, all the way through to settlement and beyond


Would you like Sana and Mona Ali, the Directors of Property Twins, to assess your financial situation and advise on the most suitable loan and finance structure for your circumstance?


Simply complete and email the attached form to and Property Twins will get back to you as soon as possible. This is a no obligation service and is bound by our Privacy Policy.
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