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Based in Sydney, Sana and Mona arrived in Australia from Pakistan at the age of 15, in the final years of high school. It was challenging settling in a new country and culture. However excited about the opportunities this new home presented, the Property Twins were heads down, chipping away at their goals one day at a time.

After high school, Sana pursued Bachelors of Science in Information Technology from the University of Technology, Sydney, followed by progressing through IT and project management roles at Macquarie Group. Whilst Mona acquired a Bachelors of Commerce from the University of Sydney, and commenced her Chartered Accounting career at PwC, followed by progressing through finance roles at Macquarie Group.

Property Twins in corporate look

After graduating from university, Sana and Mona became determined to create the best possible life for themselves and their family. Starting with very little in the bank, at age 24, Sana and Mona were able to build a property portfolio worth an incredible $5 million dollars before their 30th birthday.

Whilst Sana and Mona enjoyed the corporate life and the thrill that came with high-pressured investment banking culture, given their passion for property as a vehicle to build wealth, Sana and Mona left Macquarie Group together, to establish Property Twins – a mortgage broking business to assist clients all across Australia with home finance, refinance & structuring property portfolios.

Their passion is to help Australians into home ownership and to assist others further to build wealth through property.


Having come from patriarchal roots, Sana and Mona have extreme passion for children and women’s rights and believe in equal and unbiased opportunities for all.

Although the journey hasn’t been free of challenges, being single minded about their goals and fortunately, living in the lucky country, Australia, has meant an empowered life for Sana and Mona. Similarly, they would like to see others pursue self-fulfilling and empowered lives.

Sana and Mona love watching a good game of cricket or a barbecue with their family.

The Property Twins love talking property, self development and motivation. Simply, get in touch with us at [email protected] or call us now on 1300 97 60 60.

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