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We are identical twins from Sydney, Australia who started real estate investing at the age of 24 and have since built a multi-million dollar real estate portfolio.

Known as the Property Twins amongst our friends, we ‘eat, sleep, drink’ property and have extreme passion for real estate, discovered at the age of seven; having been bought the Aussie Home World magazine by our mum to complete a year two assignment well before we moved to Australia.

Having moved to Australia in our teens in year 2000, we have been focused on ensuring reaching our complete potential as individuals. We believe that a vision to build a successful future and mindset are key to building an empowering life. Being driven, ambitious, with an entrepreneurial spirit and with a keen sense of responsibility to take charge of our life, we want to inspire others too, to pursue lives of their visions and dreams.

After graduating from university, we became determined to create the best possible life for ourselves and our family. Starting with very little in the bank, at age 24, we were able to build a property portfolio worth an incredible $5 million dollars before our 30th birthday.

Whilst we enjoyed the corporate life and the thrill that came with high-pressured investment banking culture, given our passion for property as a vehicle to build wealth, we left Macquarie Group together in 2017, to establish Property Twins – a mortgage broking and buyers agency business to assist clients all across Australia with home finance, refinance & structuring and building property portfolios.

Our passion is to help Australian professionals into home ownership and to further to build wealth through property.


We love talking property, self development and motivation. Simply, schedule a time in our diary to get started with our team.

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