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Property Twins Buyers Agents Pty Limited (“Property Twins”) are an independent buyers’ advocacy service. Property Twins provides end-to-end buying solutions that handles everything from research and search of the quality property deals, right through negotiation, purchase and settlement.

We believe, having the correct data, research and analysis behind the decision-making process is crucial which is why we focus on, on the ground research to provide advisory, search, vetting and property selection suited to our client needs and goals. We understand that selecting properties set to deliver High Performance Growth is the fastest way of helping you realise your wealth creation goals.

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In an industry where there are so many property experts, it’s hard to know what and who is right to help you with one of the important wealth creation decisions you will ever make.

Being property investors, we have been in newbie shoes ourselves. In fact, working with several professionals and being dissatisfied with the guidance we received and have seen other investors receive. This is what lead us to establishing both Property Twins Finance Pty Limited and subsequently, Property Twins Buyers Agents Pty Limited.

At Property Twins we are committed to helping our clients achieve great property asset selection results with focus on high performance fundamentals which deliver capital growth and cash flow. The goal is not just buying a property, but to give our clients the support, the confidence and empower them to make decisions that align with their long-term vision for their lives.

We take a holistic approach, because we know a property must be considered not in isolation but in relation to its location at a suburb and street level. We target the best property, in the best street within high performance suburbs – we combine all three to amplify your capital growth. Each component must be driving toward a common purpose, to generate you outstanding wealth.

We work with up to date and current data from sources using cutting edge technology and artificial intelligence to assist in the decision-making process. Our methodology is data driven and scientific, geared to take the subjectivity out of investment research.

Start with scheduling an initial chat with so we discuss your goals.


Modern Family Home
We are independent and work solely for the buyer. Therefore, for the buyers agency services we are paid for by the buyer.

We are focused on established properties. We do not recommend brand new properties to our clients. Therefore, we do not get paid commissions by developers. And will only ever recommend new stock in exceptional circumstances.

Our fees are fixed cost and not a percentage. Our focus is to help you buy a property in as optimal price as possible.


We do ALL the work AND take the stress out of it for our clients!


  • In this call we will connect with you and find out what you’re looking for in your property
  • We can determine if we are a good fit and we can help you
  • Client to complete our ‘Strategic Brief’ form and review our Client Information Guide


  • We will catch up for a goals meeting to discuss your goals and Strategic Brief
  • We will share with you the process around our property selection and answer any questions
  • You engage us as your Buyers Agents


  • Our team will then help you with searching for your high growth and cash flow property
  • Our team will hand hold you from from sourcing, inspecting, shortlisting, negotiating


Having built our property portfolio from the ground up to a value over $5 million, we are excited to share our advice and enable others to achieve their financial goals
  • We are property investors ourselves and have built a successful property portfolio, we walk the talk
  • We invest in artificial intelligence and live data technology to distill down from 15,000 suburbs across Australia down to 28 Local Government Areas (LGA’s)
  • The average mum and dad takes six months to purchase property, we cut to the chase for our clients and purchase before the mum and dads come in and push up the market
  • We do the research, vetting, selecting and negotiating and hand hold you with the purchase process start to finish
  • By leveraging our experience and research, our clients save hundreds of thousands in expensive lessons and poor purchases


Would you like the Property Twins team, to a review your property goals and advise on the most suitable course of action for your specific circumstances?


Start with scheduling an initial chat with us and SHARE with us what you’re looking for in a property.

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