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Some Extraordinary Client Results

Our greatest joy is watching our clients succeed with their homes and investment property portfolios and here’s what they’re saying about us.

Glenn Cameron & Lauren Judd
Mark Thomson
Tara & Chris Winters

These results are possible due to the willingness of the Property Twins' Clients to:

  • Have a vision for their financial future and commitment to make it happen
  • Be teachable, value and take on board advice from those who have been there where they want to go
  • Never give up even when they hit challenges
  • Be ready for change and sick & tired of where they were
  • Have a vision and that vision kept fueling them
  • Were willing to embrace the new methods and not resist them

Here are more successful results from Property Twins' Clients....

Darshik Raman and Heena Kapadia

We were in the market looking for our second property before we came across Property Twins. We were after a service which would tick all our requirements and meet our expectations.

The Property Twins gave us a structured process of how they will go about arranging and setting up the right finance for our next property. They gave us lots of information and suggestions which enabled us to make an informed decision. The experience we had received was well above and beyond our expectations.

We successfully obtained the finance we required after the complications we had in achieving the required valuation of the land. For instance, when the initial valuation was done by CBA, our land value was a lot lower than what we had purchased it for. This had put us in a very difficult situation as we would have to fork out more than expected. The Property Twins then helped us dispute the valuation CBA had given and through their assistance we obtained the best valuation possible for the land.

Throughout the entire process we felt quite comfortable and relaxed knowing that Property Twins are there to help us take through all necessary steps in finalizing the loan, right from the time when we signed the contract and till settlement.

We believe others should work with Property Twins for below reasons:
> They are very knowledgeable (always keeping updated with new legislative changes in the banking industry)
> They give a very personalised service which makes you feel very comfortable and build a good working relationship based on trust.
> They also provide numerous updates throughout various stages of the application making their client’s feel they are on track.
> They are also efficient with their work and ensured client expectations were met.
> Most importantly, they are very professional and easy to deal with.

We also enjoyed working with you as much as you did with us. It was a great pleasure to have you guide us in the right direction as our mortgage broker holding our hand and taking us through each step. We believe the service we got from you and your team was phenomenal and that’s how we have built a good relationship which is based on trust.

– Darshik and Heena Raman

Helen & Dario Facebook comment
Helen Facebook comment
Luis Fernandez & Gabriella

Before we met Property Twins, we were patiently waiting for an off the plan investment property to be built, and we were seeking the services of a finance broker to assist us. With so many lenders and products available, we were looking for some guidance based on our circumstances.

We had previously worked with another two brokers in the past, but were not entirely happy with them – we felt we were just another “number”.

Sana worked with us right from the beginning, all the way through to settlement, with a very personal and professional approach. What we liked was that Property Twins get to know you first, who you are, where you want to be, and how you are doing in general to accomplish your goals.

This understanding helps them to better set you up with the right strategy, products, loan structure, etc. We felt very easy and confident working with Sana and her knowledge definitely put us at ease. We felt we were in good hands at all times.

We are very happy with the lender and loan product we were referred to, and highly recommend Property Twins Finance. Thanks again Sana!

– Luis & Gabriella Fernandez

Happy customer Couple

I was just randomly scrolling on Facebook feed one day when the name Property Twins caught my attention and I decided to read further about them and their journey. Their story struck a chord and I felt that connection a lot with how inspiring their story has been from their humble beginnings up to where they are now. Without that connection, it’s hard to trust anyone as we all know.

Being first time home buyers ourselves, we felt really clueless which path to take and I’ve talked to few other finance brokers too but out of all of them, we’ve chosen to pursue our journey with the Property Twins.

And I’m sure glad we did that because Mona & Sana been more than kind with their time shared, very helpful and thoughtful to our own circumstances and provided clarity every step of our way. At times when I felt anxious, even during the house hunting, Mona has been a good source of support and encouragement too.

We truly appreciate that! Will forever be grateful to the Property Twins for leading us to a big milestone in our lives of owning our very first home in Australia! Thank You so so much!!! May you be continually blessed and reach greater heights for doing what you do best in helping people like us!

– Josephine & Brian Minerva

James and Kathleen FB post
Tom & Kim

We had been thinking about investing in property for a long time but we were uncertain how to begin. Every time we had explored the option we had been overwhelmed with uncertainty as we felt like we never had enough information to go ahead with confidence.

After being recommended to the Property Twins through a friend we had an initial meeting and instantly felt like a strategy was being formed. We communicated multiple times and felt that the Property Twins had been the missing link that we had needed to enable us to move forward on our goals.
In a short time we were able to purchase our first investment property, and something that had always seemed too far out of our grasp had become a reality with ease.

Not only did we achieve a long standing goal, the twins helped us to formulate a strategy to give us direction in achieving our future goals. With a clear path ahead of us, we now feel confident that we will be able to achieve more than what we had thought possible.

– Tom & Kim Quinn

Dylan & Swatha

When setting out to purchase our family home, we were conscious of not having a good mortgage broker on our team. The ones we had used previously did the job, but didn’t impress us sufficiently to earn a recall. As our lives got busier and our needs more complex, we felt the need for someone we could trust as well as someone that was switched on with respect to the complicated and ever-changing landscape of lending.

Enter the Property Twins. Mona and Sana took the time to understand our requirements and provided us with timely and useful guidance on the best way to structure our home loans. We were delighted by their efficiency and prompt response times; they worked well with us to get an expedited loan approval through, to meet the deadlines of a property we were tracking closely. We were also extremely appreciative of their forthcoming and impartial advice.

All in all, we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone requiring similar services.

– Dylan Mendes & Swathi Gowda

Todd and Alyzza

We thoroughly enjoyed working with Mona and Sana and would recommend the Property Twins to anyone looking to begin, or further, their investment property journey. They provided invaluable strategic advice with our long term goals in mind and were incredibly responsive – making the process very quick and “user-friendly”.

As Australian expats living overseas, we were faced with the challenge of the Australian bank’s strict foreign lending rules. The result they achieved for us far exceeded our expectations.

We see Mona and Sana as trusted advisers and look forward to working with them on many more transactions to come.

– Todd Wu & Alyzza Pathammavong, London

Chinchu & Priju

Sana & Mona were awesome throughout the loan process, especially in helping us understand how to structure our loan using simple pictorial explanation. Personalised service at its best! Looking forward to continue this association

– Chinchu & Priju Jacob Paul

Will & Amy

The biggest challenge for us was getting finance due to being a foreign income earner and trying to get another pre approval for a second investment property, we were told that no bank would take us on due to the tight lending policy’s, and yes we managed to get a pre-approval through you guys which was a great surprise.

Mona & Sana have always been helpful and given great advice on structuring our plan to have a clear insight, so that we can build our property portfolio and having our best interests at heart. There is no beating around the bush with you two, everything is out in the open which is great when we are very new and vulnerable to making mistakes in the property market.

The Property Twins are great to work with they are both very helpful and have our best interest at heart, not only are they mortgage brokers but also savvy investors which gives us confidence when they give us helpful advice for what to look out for in purchasing a property, and how having a passive income through property investing will make retirement life a lot easier.

– Will Latu & Amy Hayward

Another happy client Testimonial Image

We found the Property Twins online. We needed to get equity out of an existing investment property to use to purchase more investments. The twins were fantastic in helping us achieve this. We also used them to secure finance to purchase another property which will happen in due course.

Sana and Mona were amazing, helping us every step of the way and also putting us in touch with some great financial contacts to help us with our future plans. We would highly recommend them to others to use and we will be using them in future purchase we will have

– Natalie & Shawn Radford

Facebook Group Nero Comment

It’s difficult to put into words just how grateful we are for the time and effort given to us by The Property Twins for our first home loan.
Being a young family not even two years in Australia, we had no guidance. We struggled to save for a deposit and through Facebook found the Property Twins.

Their knowledge about home loans is like no other. They guided thoroughly from first step of saving deposit to acquiring our first home. This was the only way we could afford to make the transition from renting to home ownership.

The Property Twins’ knowledge about home loans and their skills in numbers and accountancy helped us. In a period of few weeks we went from ‘lifetime renters’ to ‘home owners’ and this dream of home ownership would frankly not have been possible without the insight, dedication, problem solving, leadership and guidance from The Property Twins.

They were there throughout the entire process from our loan application to settlement. Even after acquiring home loan, they gave us complete guidelines about controlling our flexible loan and managing it for developing future equities.

We are grateful beyond words and I give the highest possible recommendation to both Sana and Mona. Absolutely first class service 10 out of 10.

– Sana and Mohsin Zaheer

Katrina and Sargon

Before we met the Property Twins, our dream of building a brand-new home was a very distant one. Our goal to set up our loan and have it structured correctly, to work in our favour for our future life goals and plans was quite off limits, our knowledge and understanding of what our hard work and savings was allowing us to do was very basic as well. We were at a standstill and we didn’t quite know how to go about things, this was until we were referred to the Property Twins.

The Property Twins were able to make us understand exactly how our loan should be set up to suit our future life goals. They allowed us to make the most of our borrowing power. The Property Twins were very fast and efficient whenever we had questions and were always willing to invest their time into sitting down and chatting to us one on one to plan and talk things through. The Property Twins would explain things in a way that was easy for us to understand also. The Property Twins were always friendly and approachable and made us feel welcome and comfortable from our very first chat with them. They made the process very simple and they worked and planned around our life goal and future vision which for us personally was to build a new home and follow through with the purchase of an investment property.

The Property Twins showed us that what we wanted to do was achievable and we are currently in the process of working alongside them to achieve this for our family. They pushed very hard and would always keep us up to date with where things were at with our lender when we were going through the loan approval process. They were very transparent and informative as well. The Property Twins basically turned the impossible into the possible, as there were several curve balls and speed bumps throughout the process however they worked tirelessly to pull things over the line for us and we cannot thank them enough for what they did!

Because of the Property Twins, we have now been able to move forward with our plans of building our family home, the Property Twins have ensured that our loan will be set up in the best way to benefit our future financial needs. They were also able to negotiate a discounted interest rate with our current lender for our owner-occupied loan which allowed for additional savings to be made. The Property Twins have always had our best interest in mind and they work tirelessly to achieve nothing but the best results for their clients. Their service is second to none, they have a fast, proactive approach and they continue pushing and working hard for their client’s goals.

We feel that we have a very unique relationship with the Property Twins, we do not feel like we are only a “client” which makes our relationship with the Property Twins a more pleasant experience. We are not made to feel as though we are a hindrance if we want to ask a question in an email or call to discuss something over the phone. The Property Twins always give us their time and they always follow through with what they promise to do for us in a very quick time frame.

I would recommend the Property Twins to any family member, friend or colleague without giving a second thought! I believe their work ethic, their level of customer service and what they strive to achieve for their clients in comparison to working with the lender directly or another brokering service is significantly different – You should give them a call today!

– Katrina & Sargon Eshaia

Immanuel & Jeanne

For us the biggest challenge was finding someone willing to advocate and fight for us to get the best outcome for the loan and coordinating all parties to finalise our home purchase. It did happen as the Property Twins team ensured all parties were on the ball and working as efficiently as possible.

The best part for us was walking into our home for the first time knowing that everything had been sorted and the only stress left was moving. When we recommend you to friends/family we would say that you are both very friendly, professional, easy to talk to, thorough and always ensured that the process ran as smoothly as possible.

– Immanuel Arena & Jeanne Walker

Ridhav & Preeti Mahajan

Before we met Property Twins – we were uncertain about the next steps in building our portfolio and setting a foundation to secure our dream home.
They guided us through the refinance process to not only secure the maximum equity on our existing property, but also set up a good structure for our subsequent purchases.

With the strong foundation, we are now well set to take the next step in our portfolio building.

We felt fairly secured and informed throughout the process – Sana kept us proactively informed on regular basis. They laid out all the options based on pros and cons and helped us take the final informed decision. Unlike our experience with other brokers, we didn’t feel rushed or pushed anywhere along the process.

They are well informed and utmost professionals with practical experience. Their consultative approach will help everyone and anyone looking for finance strategy.

– Ridhav & Preeti Mahajan

Margurite Couple

We would just like to thank both of you (Mona & Sana) for your help & guidance through the process of purchasing our first Investment Property.

We entered into this process with trepidation, as it was our first time. The guidance & understanding from both of you allied our fears tremendously. You guided us through each step & eased any fears we had. Any questions we asked, you answered & guided us through all the processes.. It made everything so much easier.

We are confident, without your exceptional help, we would have not proceeded and have the fantastic result that we achieved.

We would & will highly recommend you & your Company without hesitation to our friends & anyone who asks for advice on purchasing Property. You have permission to publish this as a recommendation as you see fit.

With great thanks

– Marguerite & George Goodman

Nishant & Arushi

Property Twins have great insights on how property market works in Australia. They have actually built a property portfolio themselves, so all their knowledge comes from practical experience and not just by reading on forums and books. I believe, knowledge is the best gift you can give to someone. The Property Twins have shared a lot of their practical experience with us.

It would be a pleasure to introduce them to my best friend and just not to my best friend but anyone who wants to be in property market, either home or investment, we would suggest to touch base with the Property Twins once at least.

– Nishant Gupta & Arushi Garg

We were looking for a broker but had not found one we were happy with. A lot of the brokers were telling us to wait and not giving us the right or enough information.

Property Twins gave us very detailed information to help us understand exactly what we were getting ourselves into. They provided answers to our questions in a very swift manner so we were able to make decisions quickly. Property Twins customised the information to fit our situation.

We got a property we love within our budget and the process was smooth and efficient.

There were moments we were unsure and confused and Property Twins provided us with information that helped us make a confident decision. Whenever we were confused and unsure we would pose the question to Property Twins and get a quick response that helped us get to our decision with confidence.

They are very knowledgeable with lots of experience, excellent communication and follow up even after the loan. The whole process is not complicated and helped us make one of the biggest decisions in our lives a lot easier.

– Sheila Chelashaw & Daniel Mbui

Katrina's Card
David and Wendy review
Ashley & Bree

Prior to meeting Property Twins, we were prospective first home buyers facing the daunting task of sourcing our own financing through the multitude of lenders and lending options. Mona and Sana were recommended to us and we could not be happier with the outcome.

They talked through our current situation and future goals to identify the product best suited to our needs, then coordinated the entire process from start to finish. They were professional, knowledgeable and responsive to all questions and made us feel comfortable and informed every step of the way.

The service provided by Property Twins went above and beyond and we will be recommending them to friends and family. We look forward to working together on subsequent purchases.

– Ashley Bowpitt & Brianna Harper

Adarsh Shilpa

Hi Mona,
I cannot thank you enough for your constant support and patience throughout our home buying journey. I must say that without your help, we would not have achieved what we wanted.

I don’t think words do justice for what you’ve done for us, but here is my version. I will certainly recommend my friends and colleagues you way.

It was early 2019 when we were preparing to enter the property market and as new first home buyer, we were quite daunted with the myriad of things to consider and evaluate so we get the best possible deal. Finance was one of them and we were feeling completely lost. We wanted someone who would look after our interest and hand-hold us through our journey. Made contact with the Property Twins and from the very first interaction we felt that we were on the right track.

From the very beginning Mona hand held us, explaining the complete process. Instead of just keeping it transactional and giving us a loan product, she interviewed us to explore our long term goals and kept reminding us of these goals every time we side-tracked or got carried away. With her help we now had strategy to achieve those goals. She was very prompt with all the paper work, getting us approvals on time and constantly following up with us on the progress of our house searches. During times when we needed someone to talk to she was always available and kept us on the right path.

We went to hundreds of open homes and requested several property reports which were all sent to us promptly, she was always an email or phone call away 24×7. She gave us references for Building Inspectors, Solicitors all of whom were excellent and the best in their trades. Having a strong and capable team with us was really comforting. For the loan products itself she would clearly explain the pros and cons and ensure we are set up for success.

We could not have asked for more. We finally landed on our first home and are really happy that we have had support from the Property Twins. One great quality about Mona is that she would encourage us to think ahead. We are confident that with her continued help and implementing debt recycling strategies we will be on the path of success.

Our home buying journey took about 8 months. Mona was with us throughout the journey patiently guiding us every step of the way. We went through several periods of emotional turmoil, frustration, seeing the market that was at a low point pre-election and seeing it run higher after election, confusing property news in media, agent tricks and many more. Having the support from Mona helped us get through these while remaining focused on our goals.

Just like anything in life, you can do much better with a team than doing it individually. Having the right team who look after your interests is what defines the right outcomes. I would definitely recommend anyone in their home buying journey to have Property Twins on their side. Long term financial success can be achieved by looking at the bigger picture and having a strategy, not by just looking for the cheapest loan out there. This is what differentiates Property Twins.

– Adarsh Gowda & Shila Guruswamy

Matt & Jahnah Family

We were trying to move forward with our property portfolio by being able to purchase a family home. We were in need of help with refinancing current loans and working out what we were actually able to borrow to put towards the new home, whether the funds came from equity, savings or a new loan.

After researching different avenues we came across the Property Twins and decided to reach out and ask for some advice and information. After a prompt reply our journey with the twins had started.

After our first meeting we felt very comfortable and not pressured into trusting them with our financial direction.

Within a matter of days the twins had analysed our current position and had come up with a suitable way for us to finally purchase a new home.
The twins provided us with a very easy to read and understandable strategy around how the new loan structures would benefit us by using different loan types, equity pull and use of savings. Sana made this all very clear and made sure that we fully understood what we were doing and why we were doing it, Sana was there for us 24/7 whenever we had a question, needed advice or clarity.

The twins don’t just find you the lowest interest rate, they find the best loan structure for your situation.

We have been able too purchase a new home as well as keep our current portfolio and dramatically save on repayments.

We would not hesitate to recommend the Property Twins to anyone as they have made what would normally be a very stressful and confusing process very simple.

We are so grateful that we reached out for help and were able to work with the Property Twins, we can not thank them enough for their time, efficiency, effort and knowledge.

– Jahnah, Matt and Koah Jack

Prashant Comment On Facebook
Helen & Justin Family Photo

Before we met The Property Twins, Justin and I were looking to buy our PPOR, a family home we can call our own. Over the previous years we’d been to a few different mortgage brokers but either didn’t feel confident in the product they had found for us and/or were told we weren’t able to borrow an amount we needed to buy in the area we wanted. We always found ourselves feeling disappointed.

We knew we had odds stacked against us for getting the loan we wanted – a really tight lending climate in light of the Royal Commission, 3 young dependants, only one full time income and an IP in Sydney that’s value had dropped approximately $80k in a couple of years, but we approached The Property Twins to see if they could help us.

Upon my initial consultation with Sana, I knew we would be in good hands. She was straight talking, knowledgeable and was listening to our situation. I knew she was going to find a product that fit *us*, not one that simply had the lowest interest rate today. At that time we’d recently had a pre-approval accepted by a bank through a different broker. Had we found a property and gone ahead with that loan, we could have found ourselves in difficulties down the road (it was a cross-collateralised loan). I felt right from the beginning that Sana had the experience and expertise to guide us and would do so with our best interest at heart.

Communication with The Property Twins has been exceptional. Any queries we’ve had have been explained to us at length and in detail so that we fully understand what we are signing up to and how the process works. Sana has always been happy to email, text, call or video message whenever we have needed information or guidance. The Property Twins work tirelessly and have often been online at all times of the night and day.

Fast forward a couple of months and we’re about to settle on a property we can call home. We are delighted! Sana and Mona were able to do for us in a few weeks what a number of other brokers haven’t been able to do in the last few years. We understand the product we have signed up to. We are completely happy with the structure of the loan and we’re confident that we have the flexibility and freedom to continue to use equity and savings to invest in property going into the future.

Throughout the process with The Property Twins, we have had a feeling of calm and confidence. We were sure that whatever Sana came back to us with after talking to the banks, that would be our very best option. It took away any fear or the feeling of ‘guess work’ when choosing the right product for us. We feel very lucky that we found Sana and Mona and can consider them a part of our team on our investment journey.

If you want peace of mind that you’re looking at the right products to fit your specific situation, if you want personal contact that extends even further beyond excellent customer service, if you want the best of the best in mortgage broking and loan structure advice, speak to The Property Twins.

– Helen & Justin Taylor

Maryanne & Joel

We would like to thank Sana and Mona from the Property Twins for helping us build and grow our property portfolio. Their professionalism, experience and knowledge has allowed us to enjoy our property investment journey with both of them by our side. They are always willing to go above and beyond and I can’t wait to see what we can achieve together.

We would not hesitate in recommending the Property Twins for anyone looking for mortgage brokers specialising in property investing. They will be an asset to any team.

– Maryanne & Joel Di Biasi

Masood Bakhtyar Fatima Hasnain

When we decided to purchase our first home, we started looking around for a mortgage broker to help us in securing the required finances. From the internet research and discussions with friends we started getting the information about the mortgage brokers but felt there is something missing i.e. ‘human touch!!’, it seemed like dealing with broker is a mechanical process where you tell them what you want and they will work out the financial logistics for you as per your guidance.Whereas being new to this whole process, we wanted someone who can understand what we want and then guide us and help us throughout the process.

After reading through the Property Twins story, I dropped them a message and next day I got a call from Mona. What we liked immediately was that she was patient, wanted to know about us and instead of hurrying to secure a client she wanted to listen to our plans, short & long term, and recommend the way forward accordingly. From the day we got in touch with Property Twins, it took us good 8-9 months to arrange the initial deposit, find the property, arrange the loans etc and Mona has been our ‘go to’ person during this.

She has been ever helping, guiding us throughout the process, be it pre-approval, final approval, completing the application & contract documents, following up with the bank for approvals & contract documents, recommending the solicitor etc. Knowing that you have a broker whom you can call without hesitation, asking sometimes very basic, sometimes even silly questions really helps. Mona has been very supporting and patient in answering all our questions, be it ‘what is the difference between pre-approval & final approval’, ‘Do i need to have additional money for stamp duty before settlement’, ‘ Is it ok to put the deposit in solicitor’s trust account’, ‘Hi!! I have these two check boxes, which one to check “Anyone to sign” or “Any two to sign” ‘ and the list goes long…

In a nutshell, it has been a great experience working towards our first family home with Mona, her practical knowledge, patience and prompt feedback has been very helpful and we will recommend the Property Twins for anyone looking to secure finances for their property and definitely whenever we venture into the property market again in future we will just pick up the phone and give them a call straight away.

– Masood Bakhtyar and Fatima Hasnain

Email from Stacey

They will be saving $3,700 per year in interest through optimisation of their current loan, followed by purchasing 2-3 investment properties over the next 12 months

Darren & Dianne

The journey with the Property Twins has been very rewarding and the advice offered which was from their real life experiences has made us feel very comfortable with our final decisions.

Before we met the Property Twins the biggest challenge was actually doing something constructive. We were in a state of Analysis Paralysis so nothing happened. After meeting Mona and Sana we felt like we got the support, advice and encouragement we needed to move forward.

We would gladly say to our best friend, that the worst thing you can do is nothing and we can assure you Mona and Sana will point you in the right direction and will always be there to help if in doubt.

– Darren & Dianne Buttigieg

Dani & Josh

When my husband and I were looking to buy our first home, a friend recommended the Property Twins. It was so overwhelming not knowing what exactly was involved and we are now so grateful for their referral as Sana and Mona were amazing. They were so helpful and understanding in such a time for us.

They were also so responsive, approachable and professional. We can’t thank them enough for their patience of a first home buyer and for help making our dreams turn into reality. They come very highly recommended by us. Thank you so much for everything. We truly appreciate everything you have done for us.

– Dani and Josh Purcell

Afternoon Coffee

Sana and Mona from Property Twins were professional, attentive and efficient. They took the time to understand my financial situation and recommend the best products to suit my needs and my financial goals.

Their amount of knowledge and expertise has saved me countless amounts of time and saved me making huge financial mistakes. I have used the Property Twins to refinance my PPOR and to start my investment portfolio.

Working with the Property Twins was an absolute pleasure. Always available when I needed them and they were very transparent.

I would definitely recommend Sana and Mona from Property Twins to any of my family and friends, as I could not be more satisfied. 10/10 experience!

– Tina Papas

Prem and Silva are two clients of the property twins

Property Twins are incredibly efficient and helpful. We were not quite sure on how to use our equity to purchase our first investment property. They helped us to restructure our existing loan to maximise tax benefit. They helped us to got our pre-approval for our loan even though we had only one income due to my wife being on Maternity leave. They went above and beyond our expectation and provided a tailored solution to meet our needs rather than just providing an off the shelf product.

They are very easy to approach and have been very patient in answering our questions even if they are silly. They explain the strategies in such a way that is easy to understand even for a person without finance background. They are very efficient and came back to our queries almost immediately. They made this daunting process quite simple for us. They even provided tools and tips to assist us with the search of quality investment properties. They don’t hesitate to share their knowledge and we got to learn new things from every conversation we had with them.

They are professional and have strong ethics and we would highly recommend them to anyone who are stepping into the property market or planning to build a property portfolio.

– Prem Srinavasan & Siva Shanmugantahan

Thank you card written to Sana and Mona by a happy client

The biggest challenge for us was knowing where to start on our investment property journey, i.e. refinancing – how this all worked. What we could and couldn’t do and having someone reassure us that what we wanted to do was achievable.

Our favourite part of the process has been having someone who has invested in properties themselves a number of times and who are very knowledgeable about investment properties being there for us to talk to and ask questions of, every step of the way.

It was great to have the Property Twins beside us at every step of the way. They answered all our ‘silly’ questions and informed us of things we would never have known about, if not for them.

Without tapping into their knowledge and expertise we don’t think we would have actually ‘jumped’ and gone ahead with purchasing an investment property, Further to this they showed us we have the potential to purchase more than one property and build an investment portfolio.

– Chris & Karyn Little

Young couple who are the clients of the property twins

Before we met the Property Twins, we were uncertain about the direction we wanted to go with our property journey. Mona and Sana gave us the confidence to negotiate and search for properties while knowing exactly what our limitations were. If we were ever unsure Mona and Sana were available every step of the way and communicated in a prompt and professional manner and executed any requests we had.

The best thing about the Property Twins is even after securing the right loan to suit our situation Mona and Sana have stayed in contact and right now we are looking for ways to improve our cash flow on a separate investment property. For anyone that needs finance for an investment property or their home we could not give a higher recommendation to The Property Twins. We will be recommending them to friends and family and working with them again for our next purchase.

– Nick and Erin Bowpitt

Young family who are the clients of the property twins

Before we met Property Twins, we had two investment properties. The mortgages were organised by a broker who was competent but did not know about how to build property portfolio. He ensured we got a good deal, or interest rate, on the each mortgage without planning for future purchases.

Our aim was to have decent property portfolio to give us financial independence in the future, which would in turn give us freedom to enjoy travelling and maybe move to part-time work rather than full-time until we were 65.

After getting to 2 properties, we felt stuck, as we did not know how to expand the portfolio from there. The broker we used that time was all about getting the best deal at that point in time but there is no plan for future loans. We needed someone who could point us in the right direction so we were making sound borrowing decisions to allow us to realise our plan.

This is when we met Property Twins and from our first consultation, we knew we could trust and rely on them. The very first thing they asked us was why we wanted to build property portfolio and what was our ultimate goal. They then worked back from our goal and catered to our plans and created strategies to help get us there. During this process, they gave us advice and tips by respecting our opinions and wishes. They also continuously gave us direction so that we could stay in the right track. They were efficient, very quick to respond to any questions we had. They provided great knowledge in property investment.

The best thing about them is that there are two identical minded people helping you! Literally two makes better than one. Double whammy! And this is the biggest advantage they have and make Property Twins so unique. They gave us such complex yet well-structured strategies for us that it made possible for us to advance in our property journey.

We now have our latest addition to the family, a little daughter. In 10-20 years time, we hope that we will be able to give financial security and freedom for her thanks to what we have achieved so far. We could not have got to the point where we are now without Property Twins. They truly care for you and work hard along side you. You would not regret dropping the line to them. It was the best thing we have done. Thank you Property Twins for taking us to where we are now!

– Barry Finn & Nanako Ueda

Satisfied and happy clients of the property twins

Before meeting the Property Twins we wanted to begin building our property portfolio but didn’t know where to start. We got in contact with Mona and since day one she has been phenomenal through her knowledge, provision and understanding of our goals.

We choose to work with the Property Twins because of their experience in building a property portfolio and their track record of helping other people in achieving their goals. The results of their work were shown through a comfortable first property purchase as well as having key contacts within the property industry to help us along the way.

We would recommend the Property Twins to not only investor but anyone wanting support and guidance in purchasing a property”.

– Branden Sarafov & Tiarn Attard

Just saw an advertisement in Facebook one day about Property Twins and started to follow them, read their post and articles. At that time, my husband and I have already engaged with ‘a broker’ which is referred by a friend.

In terms of Finances, ours was a bit different (perhaps I would say its not a straightforward/vanilla scenario). We only have very little savings and some other credit facilities all at the same time. Very nervous around how this impacts our Loan Application and the fact that I feel I could not get a ‘realistic plan’ with our existing broker – I decided to message Mona Ali via Facebook, and the journey with Property Twins began.

Fast forward 6 months, our land got registered – my husband and I have just completed signing off the Loan Offer document as I write this testimonial =). I had to shed tears of joy the moment I received a call from Mona informing about the successful loan approval. She and the team work tirelessly, answering our questions/emails/messages late nights.

They are very detailed assessing our application (which makes us more and more comfortable), defending our situation to the bank, providing a realistic and workable plan, providing honest feedback on what can/cannot be achieved, walking us through various finance options that suit our financial situation and serviceability and future proof our finance strategy moving forward.

We feel that they treat us as a valuable client by genuinely helping us and truly understand our situation, show us options available for us to get through the property market as a first step. We didn’t feel belittle – not even a single instance.

We really look forward in our next dealing with Property Twins and have them as one of our trusted advisors 🙂 We couldn’t be more happier with the service that they provided. 🙂

– Florieart and Mitch Fajardo

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Sana and Mona Ali, Buyers Agents and Finance Strategists

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Ali twins used $40k in savings to build property portfolio worth $5 million
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Thank-You For Being Here.

Whether or not you work with us. Or you work with someone else that is out there. Choose someone you like & trust. Choose someone you think is actually going to help you with finance correctly set up right from the start and with great property selection, whilst keeping focus on your goals, so you achieve your dreams in life. Someone who has your best interest at heart.

You have worked hard for your savings or equity for your home purchase or to build your investment property portfolio. Choose one person that you can learn from and see it through to your pathway to wealth. Take action and don’t let your savings or equity lose value overtime. And you will be well and truly on your way to financial success.

“If I had met you sooner, I’d be in a much different financial position today and further ahead” – Katrina Eshaia

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