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This week we will be sending employment contracts to our 9th team member (with eight in the Philippines and our first one in Australia!). Once this is signed, this will bring our team to 12 very soon (we are a family-owned business)!
Two weeks ago, we had an HOUR meeting with a successful & generous business owner in the property finance space
Just this hour-long chat shifted the mindset for us completely!
They are growing fast and have built a solid culture and team (something we wish to emulate)
Because before our clients, our team matter (sounds strange right? Our team are our most important clients!)
That one meeting changed everything for us. We made THREE job offers to three team members to join us in just ONE week and still looking to hire more
This is besides the several contractors and coaches (personal & professional) we work with
Now we will have team members in Sydney, Sunshine Coast, Philippines, United States…
It’s not about how many people are on your team…
It’s about who’s on your team
We want to hire the best….
But most importantly they need to resonate with what’s at HEART for Property Twins – integrity & sincerity
We’ve been undergoing some intense leadership coaching as a team to set goals, build a powerful culture….
We’re not here for the short term. We play the long game….
I know many would like overnight results (but we’ve seen the worst in business early on – with little skills and a dead market in 2017 and 2018 – worst times to establish a business – we survived!)
And we as a team are preparing for FY2024. It’s exciting…
We care about results for our clients
But we also care about the affect our growth will have on our team, their families and their communities
After weeks of discussions, goal setting, reflections and chats with our leadership coaches…..
Mona and I determined the Property Twins Purpose Statement
At first it didn’t make sense…. But eventually it all fell into place…
“With genuine care, integrity, and strategic focus, we enable our clients to achieve peace of mind and financial security”
Now that is a start only…we are yet to delve into our business values further, but it’s so awesome to hear what our team think of this Purpose Statement….
They are on the same page
This is not just about us; we don’t wish to leave behind our team and our clients who have put faith in us…
Excited about what’s to come for our team from here on!
And given our life experiences, we are survivors and we like going against the odds anyway – so bring it on

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